Review: The Heavy Pets & Vasudo (9-15-12 – Stella Blues – New Haven, CT)

If you weren’t kickin’ it at Stella Blues in New Haven last night, you missed out on an unforgettable evening of music!  Nestled just down the road from GCC in New Haven sits Stella Blues, which for those unfamiliar with it, is a great bar, with an awesome atmosphere, and best of all live music.  And not just music, but great music!  Last night featured The Heavy Pets out of Florida, with the locally-based and very talented quintet, Vasudo.

What exactly are The Heavy Pets might you ask?  They describe themselves as “Rock & Roll with flashes of Rhythm & Blues, Jazz-Funk Nu-Disco and Reggae Fusion.”  The better question might be, what can’t they do?  Start to finish this show was phenomenal.

Vasudo kicked things off around 9:30 with a number of original, soon-to-be classics incorporating their take on “funk, soul, blues, rock, reggae, grass, jazz, and improvised earth dance music.”  Put these two bands together and you have the most eclectic live show that one could only dream of.

After a great set from Vasudo, The Heavy Pets took the stage for a memorable performance.  From funk to rock to reggae, these guys really have it all.  Featuring frontman Jeff Lloyd on guitar/vocals, Mike Garulli on guitar/vocals/harmonica, Jim Wuest on keys/vocals, Tony D’Amato on bass, and Jamie Newitt on drums, The Heavy Pets have formed a group that truly is in a league of its own.

Fans at the show last night had no idea what they were in for.  After a few spectacular songs, the Heavy Pets invited Todd Stoops from Kung Fu onstage to perform with them on the keys!  What a performance that was!  Wow!  Stoops is one incredibly talented musician, as fans of Kung Fu and RAQ are well aware.

Following that special performance, after the Pets rocked a few more tunes, the very talented saxophonist Rob Somerville of Kung Fu and Deep Banana Blackout joined The Heavy Pets on stage for an incredible jam!

Last, but not least, fan-favorite and guitar extraordinaire, Tim Palmieri also of Kung Fu, joined The Heavy Pets for one of the greatest live performances I’ve witnessed to this date.  Talk about a couple of guitarists that can really shred, seeing Tim Palmieri, Jeff Lloyd, and Mike Garulli perform on the same stage in one night was a treat in itself.

After raging a few more songs, the Heavy Pets asked Stoops to return to the stage for one final jam that will forever be burned into my memory.  All of the artists on stage were having a blast, getting down to their own music and feeding off of the crowd.  Cameras and phones were up recording all of these jams and peoples jaws were literally melting to the floor.

If you haven’t been out to see The Heavy Pets before, now is the time.  These guys are so talented and write some really incredible music.  Imagine 10 years from now when you can say you saw these guys playing a bar or small club and people will be floored and envious of you for life!  Don’t sleep on these guys!  I promise you that soon enough, they will be huge!

Special thanks to The Heavy Pets and Vasudo for a great evening of music!  Thanks to the staff at Stella Blues for taking care of everyone all night!  We can’t wait to come back!


~ by creativesolutionsmusic on September 17, 2012.

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