Review: The 2012 Catskill Chill Music Festival (Sept 7-9)

By: Greg Horowitz

Photos By: Greg Horowitz (Creative Solutions Music Promotions)

Talk about a truly amazing weekend.  So incredible in fact that I don’t know where to start.  Tucked away in the Catskill Mountains in a little village known as Hancock, NY on the site of Camp Minglewood was one of the most well-run music festivals to date.  Outside of the storm that delayed the festival temporarily on Saturday, the entire weekend was perfect.  Gorgeous weather, amazing music, happy people, and just all around wonderful vibes.  The Catskill Chill Music Festival is unlike any other festival I’ve ever seen.  It literally is a very chill, carefree atmosphere.  There aren’t many rules, outside of the usual “here is a fence, don’t jump over it.”  The staff was there only to make sure everyone was safe and enjoying their weekend.  There was no interference from police and everyone was able to have a great time.

Another crazy part of the festival was how little trash there was on the ground.  Even after a few thousand people would pile into the dance floor at the main stage, not much trash was left behind.  People picked up after themselves, and even cigarette butts weren’t an issue, thanks to our friend Sarah Peck and her wonderful organization, Mother Nature’s Army (, who gave away tickets to the 2013 Catskill Chill Festival and the Harvest Festival for whoever collected the most cigarette butts from the grounds to keep the earth clean!  Way to go Sarah!

For 3 days, people were able to escape reality and immerse themselves in music and good vibes.  Musicians were mingling with the crowd watching other bands perform, hoopers were everywhere, everyone was dancing and smiling.  It was if you were in the middle of a fairytale story.

The vendors were great, providing excellent food to keep everyone going in addition to incredible crafts and art for sale as well.  $1 waters and $4 for Magic Hat and Labatt beers.  You can’t get drinks that cheap at a bar, let alone a music festival.  Much love to everyone at the Catskill Chill for making that happen!

The amount of love at this festival is second to none.  Fans love the bands, the bands love the fans, everyone was looking for each other all weekend.  Even with the delay on Saturday, rain or shine, the party went on.

Everyone at the festival was there just to have a good time, fans and artists alike.  There were no issues or confrontations, just smiles and dancing.  Even the bands were happier than ever.  For once, the artists got to be fans again and watch each other perform, which doesn’t happen when they are on the road.  The weekend was full of many special collaborations and sit-ins with incredible musicians.  Highlights include performances by The Heavy Pets, Break Science, Lettuce, Soulive, Conspirator, On the Spot Trio, ShwizZ, Turbine, Kung Fu, Dopapod and more!

We want to extend a special thanks to the Catskill Chill festival producers along with Destiny Spang and everyone at Brotherly Love Productions media team for making this weekend possible.  Thanks to the staff members, particularly Tim (B Stage) and Bill (main stage) for keeping things running smoothly all weekend.  Thanks to Mike Geller and Vernon Webb for the photography advice and company over the weekend.  Attending the Catskill Chill Festival was a privilege and an honor.  We want to thank the bands for the incredible performances and the fans for creating such a great atmosphere.  We had an amazing time at the festival and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!  Stay tuned for individual write ups from a number of sets throughout the weekend!


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