What’s Good in the Music Scene? #25 – Gabriel & John (Consider the Source)

Gabriel and John, thanks for speaking with us today about Consider the Source.

Q1: Consider the Source!  How did that become the name of the group?

Gabriel – My dad actually came up with it, since we are 3 people from NYC playing music that comes from all over the globe, one has to consider the source of things.


Q2: Who are some of your biggest influences as a group?

John – We all love The Bad Plus.  As a band, we’ve seen them close to 20 times.  The honesty that they bring to their compositions and improvisations resonates with us and inspires us to no end.  Between all of us, Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Primus, Tool, and a lot of jazz guys like Vijay Ayer, Coltrane, Chick Corea, Avishai Cohen, and thousands of others have helped shape us as players.


Q3: How would you describe your music?

Gabriel – We say “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion.”  It’s a quick way of summing up a lot of our influences.  The sci-fi comes from the futuristic sonic approach we take, the middle eastern is a blanket term for eastern European, Indian, and other eastern influences and the fusion comes from our mix of jazz chops and ambition with a rock intensity.


Q4: What is it that you enjoy most about making music?

John – Music has the ability to convey the ineffable.  Words are powerful, but limited. When writing music or improvising, you can’t always explain what it is you’re trying to express, but there is a cathartic release, regardless of the mood of the piece being written or what you’re improvising over.  It can be sad, but writing it can be some form of relief.  It can reach a place that your conscious mind doesn’t recognize or doesn’t want to recognize.  No other art form or experience on this planet has been able to dig that deep for me and bring me that kind of piece of mind.


Q5: What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming Catskill Chill Music Festival in September?

Gabriel – Besides playing the main stage, we are going to be doing one of our first acoustic shows on the wood stage.  I’ll get to play some instruments like the saz, dutar, and dombra that I don’t get to play live too often.

Q6: What other bands are you excited to see perform as well at the Chill?

John – Well we are always stoked to share the bill with Dopapod.  They’ve been good friends of ours for a long time and it’s always a blast seeing them bring it.  Somehow I’ve never seen Soulive so I’m super stoked for that as well.  Adam Deitch and Break Science, I’m also really excited for (I’m a sucker for bad ass drummers).  But also, I’m excited for all the bands that are lesser known that I haven’t seen.  I’ve been hearing for a long time that the Catskill Chill is known for bringing in some awesome up and comers.


Q7: How has New York City played a role in the music you make as a band?

Gabriel – I think it has a direct influence.  Growing up, we were totally surrounded by different cultures, so I always heard music and ate food from all over the globe, so it wasn’t an unusual feeling for me to study these musics.


Q8: What should fans expect to see from your set at the Catskill Chill?

John – We will be bringing up some surprise guests which we’ll be announcing shortly. You can also expect an additional acoustic performance Saturday night with all sorts of exotic instruments and different CTS songs.  It’s a whole different side to us that most of our biggest fans haven’t even seen.  For people who haven’t seen us at all, you can expect a musical experience totally different from anything you’ve ever heard and I hope you’ll come see what it’s about.  We feed off of the vibe of our audience, come give us some fuel!


Q9: Looking back on your musical careers so far, what has stood out as your biggest accomplishments?

Gabriel – Our biggest things are infront of us.  We have a really positive momentum building throughout a bunch of different scenes, and musically we feel like we are really arriving as players, so we are very positive about the future.  So far, I think I’m most proud of spreading like we have playing this totally uncompromising crazy intense ambitious music.


Q10: Is there anything you would have done differently?

John – Musically speaking no 🙂 We are very proud of what we do and having unadulterated honesty as our foundation makes it impossible to think that musically we should be doing something differently.  When we try something and it doesn’t go over well live or the audience is not as into it as other stuff, we simply learn what works and doesn’t work and that makes us better players.  We all feel that we are on an amazing musical path and fortunate to know one another and to have an awesome fanbase who appreciates what we do.  I can’t imagine us doing anything differently.



Here is a video of Consider the Source performing at the Georgia Theatre this past March.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qTFRzeNOI2c#!

Guys thanks again for taking some time to discuss your music with us.  We look forward to seeing you guys at the upcoming Catskill Chill Music Festival (Sept 7-9th) at Camp Minglewood in Hancock, NY.  Consider the Source is Gabriel Marin on guitar, John Ferrara on bass, and Louis Miller on drums/percussion.  Visit http://www.catskill.com for tickets and more information.


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