What’s Good in the Music Scene? #22 – John Fissinger (Damn Right!)

Q1: Where did the name Damn Right! originate?

A fellow by the name of Pirate Vic named us at our first gig.  We were sitting at the bar at the 8×10 in Baltimore where our first gig was and Pirate Vic, at which time he was the head bartender at the club, said why don’t you call yourselves Damn Right!  We took a shot of whiskey and that was that.


Q2: Who are some of the influences behind the music you create?

Some of the artists we like to listen to before we start producing a track are J-Dilla, SKTRKT, Com Truise, Hot Chip, and also music/art blogs likes iso50 and Synthopia play a big role in shaping our technique and approach to a track.  There is also an incredible group of musicians in our Philly crew who influence us on a daily basis.  Guys like FLOAT and Jesse Miller are really making it fun to write new music.  We all meet up either at shows, the bar, or at each others houses and we listen to music or share new production tips.  Tom and I both have different ideas at times on where a track should go, and we sit down at the production station and find common ground on the vision.  When we do this its almost always better than what either of us had come up with on our own.


Q3: How would you describe your music?

With these new tracks that we’re releasing on our upcoming EP, I’d say we’re hitting on some Chill Wave, underground Beat/Hip Hop music and electronic pop with vocals.  There is some Nu-Disco woven in the mix.


Q4: What do you enjoy most about performing?  Do you prefer headlining shows or festivals?

The best part of performing is when everyone is experiencing the music on the same level.  Ask us the second question in a couple years and we might be able to answer it. I’ll tell you what we do like, playing in front of any crowd that is getting into our tunes.

Q5: What are you looking forward to most about the Catskill Chill Music Festival? What bands do you want to see the most?

We are so pumped to have the stage right after Lotus on Sunday night.  We’re ready to have a real good time.  We’ll catch as much music as we can on Sunday when we get in, it all looks pretty rad.


Q6: How have artists that you have recorded with, including Marco Benevento, Johnny Rabb, and Bernie Worrell, influenced your sound and how you perform?

Whenever you get to play with all-stars, you walk away with a little bit more perspective about the game.  These guys have been there and done that, you pick up bits of knowledge they drop.


Q7: What should fans at the Catskill Chill expect from your set this September?

A bunch of songs we’ve never played or only played about once live.  We think they’re a lot of fun.


Q8: Last month, you guys played alongside the Disco Biscuits in Atlantic City.  How was that experience and what did you take away from it?

The House of Blues in AC is a ridiculous room.  Getting a chance to play there with a band that has had so much influence on music in a room like the HOB is why we do what we do.



John, thanks for speaking with us today about Damn Right!  We look forward to seeing your set at the upcoming Catskill Chill Music Festival (Sept 7-9th) in Hancock, NY. Visit www.catskillchill.com for tickets and more information!


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