Review: (Rebelution/O.A.R. – 8/2/12 – Hartford, CT)

Last night, Rebelution and O.A.R. shared the stage for an amazing evening of music.  Rebelution started things off around 7:30, playing for only an hour, but they made that hour seem like a solid 3-hour set.  Known for their catchy reggae sound, politically charged messages, and good vibes that will keep you feeling alright, they absolutely killed it last night!  Featuring guest saxophonist, Khris Royal, guitarist/singer Eric Rachmany, bassist Marley Williams, drummer Wes Finley, and keyboardist Rory Carey opened with “Sky Is the Limit” off of their latest album Peace of Mind.  They then followed it up with the popular classics “Attention Span,” and “Bump,”  mixed in with “Closer I Get,” “Lazy Afternoon,” “Lady in White,” and “Good Vibes” all 4 of which are off of their new album Peace of Mind.  The best part of the show came during the last part of their set when they really brought the heat with “Feeling Alright,” “Otherside,” “Bright Side of Life,” and “Outta Control,” ending the set with a solid version of the fan-favorite, “Safe and Sound.”

Being the respectable band that they are, shortly after their set they came out to the merchandise table gladly signing autographs, taking pictures, and greeting their fans, both old and new.  A group of stand-up guys that truly define a great band, and one that will be considered a staple in the reggae music scene all around the world.

Following Rebelution’s mind-blowing set was Of A Revolution better known as O.A.R.  Featuring Marc Roberge on vocals/guitar, Richard On on lead guitar, Benj Gershman on bass, Chris Culos on drums, Jerry DePizzo on saxophone and MikelParis on keys, they played a solid 23-song set full of old classics and newer hits off of their latest two albums King and All Sides.  O.A.R. has mixed things up a little bit over the last few tours adding special guests Evan Oberla on trombone and backup vocals, and Jon Lampley on trumpet and backup vocals.  Their set began with the classic “Hey Girl”, followed by “Conquering Fools,” “Old Man Time,” their latest hit “Heaven,” and “Something Coming Over.”  Mixing in olds songs with new, they rivaled the new material with their biggest hits “About Mr. Brown,” “About An Hour Ago,” “So Moved On,” “City on Down,” “Black Rock,” “Love and Memories,” “I Feel Home,” “Delicate Few,” and “Night Shift.”  They ended their lengthy set with their most famous hit “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker.”  An all around great show with energizing solos from MikelParis on the keys and Richard On on guitar, combined with horn duets from Overall and Lampley, topped off with the incredible Jerry DePizzo’s absolutely shredding his sax solos, O.A.R. proved tonight that they can still bring it after all these years.


~ by creativesolutionsmusic on August 3, 2012.

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