CD Review: I Call Myself You – James Villone

What do you get when you combine the sounds of a piano, guitar, and drums with a vocalist influenced by the Neutral Milk Hotel, the Avett Brothers, and Bright Eyes?  Allow us to introduce you to James Villone, singer-songwriter out of Southern Pines, North Carolina.  We were lucky enough to be given a pre-release copy of his latest album “I Call Myself You” from James himself, to review.  This 14-track album is full of great material, ranging from varying instruments and completely different styles with influences by a number of different artists.  The beginning track A Good Excuse is instrument heavy as a solid intro to an album should be.  James slows everything down with the second track on the album, Want Me.  Bringing in an acoustic guitar with some pronounced vocals, he is able to take the listener on a lyrical journey where every song tells its own story.  Our favorite tracks off the album are Strangers and Slave Song, both of which have a heavy influence from Ben Folds with a serenading piano and vocalist in James, truly singing his heart out.  He truly put himself out there on this album and we applaud his efforts.  Truly a great album and a great talent, he is sure to go places.


  1. A Good Excuse                        8.  Song 56
  2. Want Me                                9.  Cling
  3. I Just Haven’t Seen                10. Frozen
  4. Song 55                                 11. Parents
  5. Love and Resentment             12. 4th of July
  6. Strangers                              13. Shallow-Hearted Gesture
  7. Slave Song                             14. You Saved My Life


Head on over to James’ Facebook page and send him a message about his new album and how you saw the review from Creative Solutions and he will send over an mp3 version of his entire album for you to listen to.  Keep supporting independent music!

James Villone FB:


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