What’s Good in the Music Scene #15 – New Kingston (New Kingston)

Tahir, Courtney, and Stephen, thanks for speaking with us about your band New Kingston!

Q1: When did you first start playing music?

We’ve all been playing music our whole lives. Our father is a musician and we’ve had music around us from birth.


Q2: Where did the name New Kingston come from?

New Kingston is the continuation of our father’s group called the Kingston Crew. We are basically the New Kingston Crew, without the crew.


Q3: How did you cross paths with Collie Buddz and at what point did you both decide to play shows together?

We linked up with Collie Buddz through his DJ in NYC. He heard of us and introduced us to him and his team.


Q4: Who are some of the influences behind your music?

We have so many influences its hard to name, we pull from everywhere and every genre. But to name a few Bob Marley and Michael Jackson.


Q5: This summer, you guys will be touring heavily both headlining with New Kingston as well as a tour with Collie Buddz.  What places are you looking forward to playing the most?  Is there anywhere you are playing that you’ve never been to before?

We are doing a lot of work this summer, visiting new places and also revisiting places we’ve been before. All our tour dates are available on our website www.NewKingstonMusic.com.


Q6: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

Our music is based heavily on Reggae music but we infuse it with every other kind of genre. We like to call it Reggae Crossover.


Q7: Unlike most bands, not only are the three of your brothers, but your father Courtney also plays shows with you.  What is it like having such a close knit relationship with each other on the stage?

Its great to be a family band, it gives us a different edge when we are on stage because we all vibe so well together.


Q8: What do you enjoy about making music?

Making music is one of the most exciting things for us. We love to create and introduce new songs to our fans.


Q9: In 2010, you released your latest album “In The Streets”.  Are there plans for another album in the future?

We are currently working on our new album which should be released late this year.


Q10: Does living in New York influence the sound you create and if so, what aspects of the city influence your music? 

Living in NYC definitely influences our sound. Living anywhere will influence your sound because the music you create feeds off of your feelings and surroundings.


Q11: Looking back at everything, is there anything you would have done differently?

We wouldn’t have done anything differently but work harder!


Guys thanks again for speaking with us about New Kingston.  We look forward to seeing you guys on the road soon!  Fans, you can check out their complete tour schedule via their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/NewKingston.


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