What’s Good in the Music Scene? #14 – Gallons to Ounces (Gallons to Ounces)

Tom, Matt, and Zach, thanks for speaking with us today about your band Gallons to Ounces.


Q1: Where did Gallons to Ounces start?  How did it all begin?

MATT:  Tom and I are cousins so we’ve been playing music together for almost 13 years. I met Zach in high school at a battle of the bands and we later attended Berklee College of Music together. We started Gallons to Ounces in 2008 and Tom joined in 2011.


Q2: Where did the name Gallons to Ounces come from?

ZACH:  It came from a night of playing music with good friends and good drinks.


Q3: Who are some of your influences?

TOM:  We find inspiration in lots of places. The sounds of Jimi Hendrix, The Roots, Funkadelic, Soulive, Dave Matthews Band, J Dilla and Stevie Wonder have probably influenced us the most. We value groove over everything else.


Q4: What are some the highlights from live shows that you guys have played?

MATT:  We love meeting people after shows that are into our music. We have a lot in common with our fans and we love the vibe that we get from them. They truly appreciate good music!


Q5: How would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before?

ZACH:  We are definitely a rock band, but we have diverse influences that have a huge effect on our sound. It’s funky, loud, soulful, bluesy. We jazz everything up and its definitely not something you have heard before.


Q6: Are there plans for another album in the near future?

MATT:  We actually have begun work on it already. There is one new song called “It Kills Me” that is available on our website. We’ll be in the studio again soon to record some new songs.


Q7: If there was one festival anywhere in the world you guys could play, which festival would it be and why?

TOM:  Bonnaroo. It’s a festival that celebrates real music and true expression. You can’t get much better than Bonnaroo.


Q8: What did you guys take away from the show you played at the U Street Music Hall with the Alan Evans Trio?

ZACH:  We established a relationship with Alan after recording our first album with him at his studio in 2009. He had a great effect on the overall sound of the album and it was a joy to work with him. We were honored when he asked us to play the U Street show with his new band, where we gained many new fans and a great relationship with a kickass band.


Q9: In 2010, you guys released the self titled album Gallons to Ounces on iTunes.  How was the response to that album?  What might you change or build upon from that album?

ZACHThe response has been great. We did make the mistake of giving away most of the tunes before the album was finished, which is why we’re keeping the majority of these new songs under wraps until the new album is officially released.

MATT:  And we’re working on some new songs that have a different feel with lots of energy. We have a new bass player now, and he brings a completely different dynamic to the group. Tom and I have played together in so many different projects over the years, and we are very proud of the music we’re making with G2O.


Q10: We’d love to have you guys play a show in the CT/MA area in the coming months.  Would you guys be willing to travel up here for a show?

TOM:  Definitely. We’re working on putting together an east coast tour, so hopefully you’ll be our first stop!


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