What’s Good in the Music Scene? #10 – Like Violet (Like Violet)

Caitlin and Carly, thanks for talking to us today about your band Like Violet!

Q1: When did you guys start playing music?

Carly: Cait started out playing guitar but switched to drums when she was 8 so she’s been involved with music for about 11 years now. I joined in about 3 years ago when they needed a bassist for our previous band. Since then it’s been non-stop music all day everyday!


Q2: Before forming Like Violet, you were in the band Kicking Daisies.  How did that come about?

Caitlin received an email one day asking if she’d like to meet these two guys who were thinking about starting a band with all kids. She was like, “why not?” and jammed with them for a few days. When they needed a bass player, Cait asked me to join without really knowing how to play. Eventually I gave in and learned the song they were working on, thus completing the band!


Q3: As Kicking Daisies, you won Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing competition, congratulations!  How did that process unfold at the beginning of the contest?

Thank you! We were asked to be in the contest because the head of Radio Disney, Kelly, saw us perform at a showcase we were doing out in LA. The entire experience was exciting and such an amazing opportunity. We met so many great people and ended up playing a lot of shows with Radio Disney which was always fun. We can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for us.


Q4: Recently you guys left Kicking Daisies to start Like Violet.  What were some of the reasons as to why you decided to start your own project?

Like in everything, things move on and change. As much as we loved being in KD, we felt like it was time to become something more for ourselves. Like Violet has given us a chance to grow more and be who we really are. We’re unbelievably excited for the new sound and new look. We’re also playing with two amazing musicians who are backing us up for live shows. We honestly couldn’t be happier.


Q5: Who are some of your musical influences?

We are truly influenced by every type of music. Right now, Cait and I have been on a Beatles kick. We are obsessed. We’ve kind of grown up with them, but they’ve recently made it back into our playlists. Collectively, some of our favorite artists are anyone from Lana Del Ray to Brand New to The Kooks to Lady GaGa and everything in between.


Q6: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

Our music is a cross between Katy Perry, Metric, and Coldplay. It’s something different that people have never heard before from us, and we’re stoked about it. It’s got a little bit of an indie rock vibe with some pop and electronic mixed in.


Q7: Are there plans for a CD in the future?

Of course. We’re in the process of putting our live show together along with a few demos. But we’re constantly writing and creating music, so there will definitely be a record out eventually. We’ve been talking to a few producers about working together so keep an eye out for new music soon!


Q8: What do you enjoy most about making music?

For me, it’s being able to play with Caitlin there. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to connect with someone through music all the time. And she’s my sister, which makes it a million times better. Other than that, our lives revolve completely around music. It’s seriously the most important thing to us, and to know that we may inspire someone or help someone through it is the most rewarding feeling. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to do that.


Thanks again for talking with us and good luck with everything!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/likevioletmusic

Twitter: @likevioletmusic

Website:  www.likeviolet.com


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One Response to “What’s Good in the Music Scene? #10 – Like Violet (Like Violet)”

  1. Quick note to Caitlin-
    Your drumming pulled me in when I was channel surfing and you were with KD on Disney. You are one of my favorite drummers! Us old, long haired guys need new music too! Thanks and best of luck to you and Carly with Like Violet and everything else you two do.

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