CD Review: The Ultimate Bearhug – Just South of Los Angeles

The Ultimate Bearhug.  Exactly the feeling you get when this group’s music crosses the room into your ears and transforms everything you’ve ever known about music.  We’d like to introduce you to Barrett Johnson and Doll Knight, the geniuses behind their new album Just South of Los Angeles.  The two met one day and recorded a song that same night.  As Taylor Hamby of the OC Weekly states, “their chemistry became apparent to both of them.”  With a 14 year difference between Barrett and Doll, many would find it difficult to work together on an album, however it has worked out flawlessly.

Just South of Los Angeles is a 10 track album that was recorded at Zion Studios in Santa Ana, California.  Starting with Sunshine, Doll comes in with a playful ramble of do’s before letting her voice unravel into pure magic.  I’ll Be Your Woman takes a love song approach by slowing everything down for a bit.  It’s the kind of song you would listen to while sharing a bottle of wine with your other half.  You can hear influences of Norah Jones with a striking originality that gives Doll a sound entirely of her own.  Foolish Things, Boxcar Blues, and Paper Plane follow these opening tracks that really explore both Doll’s ability to change up her style and Barrett’s ever evolving guitar skills.  Midnight Serenade takes a similar approach that I’ll Be Your Woman took, by slowing things down and allowing Doll to serenade the listener with her voice.  She is truly something special.  The title track Just South of Los Angeles is one of our favorites.  It begins with Barrett playing a melody on guitar that pulls you in immediately and follows the ever soothing harmonies of Ms. Knight.

You can download the album for free via  The full list of tracks can be found below.


1. Sunshine                       6. Midnight Serenade (Lovely Moon)

2. I’ll Be Your Woman         7. Heaven Knows

3. Foolish Things                8. Just South of Los Angeles

4. Boxcar Blues                  9. Three Months of This

5. Paper Plane                  10. Woke Up Late


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Free Download of the Album!


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