What’s Good in the Music Scene? #6 – Chris Sellas (Cosmic Dust Bunnies)

Q1: How would you define your music?

Its hard to define the specific sound of our music because we are always traveling between genres.  Its not quite EDM but also more than just a jam band. Sometimes our songs could be a mix if funky guitar with 80s influenced synth and deep house grooves, or heavy hitting bass wobbles with lots of electronics and drum n bass riffs.   I think thats the best part about it because you never know what to expect.  For instance, one of our most recent New Haven shows we opened with For Those About To Rock by AC/DC, a sure shock to our fans, who loved it, pumping them up for whats about to come throughout the night.


Q2: What bands/artists have inspired the music you guys make?

Our inspiration comes from all over, especially since we have been musicians in other bands going back as far as middle school.  Aside from the major bands/artists on top of the EDM and jam scene, I think many of our influences to pursue music come from all over:  Beckett loves his ZZ Top, Dempsey, who left his CDs in my car after Rock N Roll resort :), listens to anything from Peter Gabriel to John Scofield…Eric is a long time fan of Grateful Dead, and some of my biggest influences come from such bands as Tower of Power, RX Bandits, Allman Brothers, etc.


Q3: What was your favorite festival you have played?  Which would be a dream come true to play?

I think my top two would have to be last year’s Big Up and the most recent Rock N Roll Resort.  Both great festivals run by great people with great acts playing.  I personally dream to play every festival, but one place I would love to play would be Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.  One of the most beautiful natural amphitheaters you can play ever.  


Q4: Can you describe the process you guys go through when making a new song?

We tend to write songs in all sorts of fashions.  Some songs we will individually write then bring to the table.  Other times we will have some riff ideas and work on them at practice to create songs around them, together as a group.  Then some times we will listen back to one of our live sets and hear a really cool jam that we decide we want to work on and create it into a track.  Its nice not having one set way because it keeps our songs sounding different.  Dempsey can bring a song to the table that is more guitar oriented while I can bring something more electronic and synth driven.  It also keeps us  progressing our style too.


Q5: What festivals will you guys be playing this summer?

As of right now, you can catch us at Ascension (Festival season kick off party), Strange Creek Festival, Disc Jam Festival, Mint Green Music Festival, Heads in Harmony, and a few others I can’t talk about yet 😉


Q6: When playing shows do you prefer the festival atmosphere or headlining your own show at a venue?

Wow, thats a tough one..I’d say they are both just as awesome.  There’s nothing like performing at Toads Place in New Haven to a hometown crowd, its such a good feeling to see all of our friends and fans in the same place.  Our most recent headlining night there was extremely successful, bringing in close to 1000 people.  Its such a euphoric feeling to see the support we get at home and we plan on doing many more of these shows at Toads. The festival atmosphere is amazing!  We have been given some great opportunities to play at some great festivals and there’s nothing like performing in front of new people who see us and get so excited that they become a fan instantly.  We also get to meet new people and new bands to play with, and party with everyone as well!


Q7: You have a very dedicated fan base that not only attends a majority of your shows, but also is very interactive in promoting your shows as well as your music.  What is it like knowing that so many people want to spread the music you guys create?

We couldn’t do it without them.  Our fans are so good to us, they keep us going and creating new music.  It started out with a few of our close friends promoting and now has reached a level where people I’ve never meet throughout the country are doing it.  Its an amazing feeling.  Our CT crew is our family, and they have helped us build something extremely special.. Thank you CDBF!!


Q8: Where did the name Cosmic Dust Bunnies come from?

Haha.  Well there’s a few different versions and now we can’t remember.  Beckett insists that his version is right.  Basically when we were first jamming together in Dempsey’s studio, we were looking through some NASA magazine that had a picture of this formation in outer space consisting of space dust and particles, and it looked really cool.  The caption below said this formation was called Cosmic Dust Bunnies.  When Eric suggested that’s what we should call the band, Beckett was like, “are you fuckin serious?”  But it stuck, and Beckett agrees that we wouldn’t change it for anything. 


Q9: Do you guys have plans to record an album in the future?

We are in the process of recording an EP as well as having some of our DJ/Producer friends remixing some tracks of ours.  After that we hope to begin recording a full length as well as writing new tunes.


Q10: If there was one artist you could collaborate with, who would it be and why?

If he were still alive, Frank Zappa…..why?  why not!?


Chris, thanks for taking the time to speak with us and we look forward to catching you guys at some shows and festivals this summer!


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