What’s Good in the Music Scene? #4 – Jus Daze (Jus Daze)

Daze, thanks for taking some time to talk to us today.

Q1: Where do you find the inspiration behind your lyrics?

I find inspiration behind the inspiration itself. I always hear how my story is inspiring for others and how a lot of people who wanna do something are always afraid to take a “stand” for what it is they believe. The response for getting as far as I have is overwhelming at times and truly inspiring within itself. The fans inspire me all the time, whether it be there kind words, quoting my lyrics, or putting other people on to my music and sharing with me their thoughts & appreciation, I love it! One fan told me my music and battles saved his life and inspired him to go out and start rapping. Another told me it got her through a break-up. People love catching the life performances I do and I always have such a warm response. But I think the best thing I ever heard was from a producer I grew up with by the name of Fuzz (whose known me when I used to heavy & walk with a cane) he said, “Daze, you stepped into the world of battle rap, something where people specifically are intended to make fun of you and you’ve been killing the competition left and right…that inspires me” I never really put into perspective the weight of that statement until he phrased it like that. That inspired me and also put A LOT into perspective as far as how much I can accomplish. I’ve quit smoking weed, cigarettes, lost a lot of weight, got rid of the cane and transformed my body…I feel like I can accomplish anything.


Q2: Who are some of your hip/hop idols, past or current?

Some of my influences have been Biggie…I’d say he’s the main one. Nas, Big Pun, LL Cool J, Wu Tang…it’s hard to pinpoint and exact few mc’s because at different times in my life, I like different music, but those artists have all been a staple in the music I listen to. I’ve always been a fan of underground hip hop since the days of the Eminem/Cage beef and Necro/Craig G beef back in the day. I remember staying up on Thursdays soooo late to listen to Stretch & Bob and go into school like a zombie the next day, just to fill my tape with new underground music…yeah…good times man. These days I’m around so many people that influence me beyond music though. One of those people is Poison Pen…I’ve never really met anyone in my LIFE as giving as him. It’s incredible to work side by side with him and experience the life of a rapper as well known as him. He’s given me incredible opportunities and continues to do so. I find him inspirational in character and in the work he’s accomplished.


Q3: If there was one MC that you had to put on top of all the rest, who would it be and why?

The Notorious B.I.G. He was an Mc’s MC. (That reads horrible, but if you say it out-loud it make sense lol) His delivery, flow, lyrics, storytelling, versatility…everything! Biggie was the best MC in my opinion. He was TOO lyrical…he wasn’t TOO rappy. His music was like a well seasoned enough to please the taste of anyone’s ears. For some, his message was TOO real and a lot of people couldn’t relate or understand, but even if they couldn’t get the message, they still felt the delivery, the music, the rhymes…whatever. Biggie was the best, hands down.


Q4: When you perform shows, do you prefer to do songs you wrote or just freestyle?

Written, however I do like to incorporate acapellas and some freestyle in sometimes.


Q5: Are there plans for another album?

I’m currently working on so much music and dare I say GOOD music lol. I don’t know, I feel as an artist we’re not allowed to say we make GOOD music sometimes, but YES, this music is some of the best music I’ve ever made in my life. I have so much GOOD music right now that I might shop out a mixtape and then another album shortly after, so to answer that question, YES, absolutely!


Q6: What do you enjoy most about making music?

I enjoy everything about it. The writing process, the recording, the listening, the re-writing certain things to make them sound better, the getting things done in one-take, the aftermath of listening to the music. I love the emotion I get out during deep songs & the aggression during others. I love the response…everything…I love everything about making music. I’d say the only setback is not being to able to record something when you’re in the moment, which is why (even if just for writing purposes) anyone who’s serious about their craft should invest in some good home equipment. 


Q7: When did you first decide that being an MC was a career you wanted?

If you’ve seen the video for Music Box on my youtube (www.youtube.com/ jusdaze) you’ll see me FREESTYLING at 7 yrs old. It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve always wanted to do this. I’d say I starting taking the right direction towards it about 2 years ago and really hustling hard, but it’s paid off BIG TIME.


Q8: What kind of message are you trying to send to your fans?

Be different. Don’t be scared to be original. You’re gonna get a lot of shit for it. People are going to pick on you because you’re not conforming to the standards they’re accustomed to, but do what’s in your heart. Follow your dreams. Anything and EVERYTHING is achievable as long as you work for it. Success only comes before work in the dictionary. Keep a positive outlook no matter what life throws you and do the right things regardless and it’ll come back tenfold.


Q9: What advice would you give to aspiring MCs who are trying to make it in the game?

Be prepared to make a lot of sacrifice. As you grow higher and higher in fame, you lose more and more things that are probably for the best, even though they might not seem like it at the time. I know that I’ve always had simple needs to fulfill me, so I haven’t lost a lot, BUT, I’ve definitely lost a few things along the way. I’m not bitter, nor mad about it because I feel like no matter what, music wouldn’t pull me away from genuine people or things. Sometimes, blessings come in form of disguises that at a later point in life you begin to understand more and more. But yes, sacrifice is almost equal to gain when it comes to the game. Whether it be sleep, money, pride, ego, friends, relationships, jobs, battles, colleagues, etc. it’s crazy how you have to lose one thing in order to gain another…but then again, it makes perfect sense by creating a balance so…que cera cera!



FQ1: Daze, who are your top 5 rappers, dead or alive, and which one influences your music the most?

                                     -Brad Suter (Amherst, MA)

What’s good Brad! Damn…top 5…hmm…ok, I’d have to say Biggie, Nas, Big Pun, Ghostface Killah, and now the fifth spot is where it gets tricky lol…Idk I’d necessarily say that order either…there’s times where I put Ghostface way ahead of Nas and vice versa. Idk, I like RA The Rugged Man, Vinnie Paz, Necro, Chino XL, Eminem, Canibus, Kool G Rap, Poison Pen, Immortal Technique, Pumpkinhead… it’s crazy because I’m surrounded be a good amount of these people now, which again, is CRAZY influential for me because I remember when I listened to these guys, now I’m rocking the same stages…it’s mind blowing at times I swear. But again, I’d say the one who influenced me the most was definitely Biggie. Probably Pun also (as I hear a lot of times people do the comparison) but definitely Biggie.


FQ2: What city do you look forward to performing in the most?

                                       -Adam Weinstein (Hartsdale, NY)

I’ve never performed out in Hartsdale, so I’d love to perform in your town! But I’m also looking forward to performing in Europe and Australia. From what I’ve heard, a lot of Australian fans like my music and have a lot of love for me out there, as a matter of fact, that’s where I shipped my first piece of merch to! I’d love to get a feel of the crowd out there, they seem to appreciate what I do and I love them for it! If I’m ever in Hartsdale I hope to see you at a show! Thanks Adam!


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