What’s Good in the Music Scene? #1 – Cole Swatek-Carbone (Business Casual Disco)

Cole, first I wanted to thank you for this opportunity to speak with you about the music you produce, the music scene, and you personally.  This will be the first installment in our interview series What’s Good in the Music Scene.  Thanks for being the first musical artist we were able interview.

No problem at all! Glad to be a part of it.


Q1: So Cole, how did you first emerge on the music scene?  Where did it all start?

Ha, well, I’ve always enjoyed and privately played music, but, I guess it really started from sitting in my bedroom about 2 and a half years ago making little tracks on my desktop PC and a trial version of Fruity Loops. I saw that a new music series at Stella Blues, Connected, was starting in New Haven so I sent my stuff to him and he gave me a shot. I have the most love in the world for Stella Blues and the Connected series. Bringing in fresh talent every thursday and giving people shots. I’d probably still be hanging in my bedroom if it weren’t for them.


Q2: Prior to forming Business Casual Disco, you were a solo act, Coltrane.  What made you desire to switch from a solo DJ to forming the trifecta that is BCD?

Well I had known Chris “Norrin” since I started doing shows in New Haven, and we shared a very similar taste in music. We kept talking about getting together and doing some kind of duo but things just never panned out. In this time I met Eric “Skeeba” who actually grew up in the same town as me. Time went on and we started booking shows together. Eventually we just decided to put our heads together and turn it into a full time project. And it’s always good to have travel buddies. 


Q3: What are some of influences behind Business Casual Disco?

Our influences come from all over, old school funk, classic rock, jazz, 80’s synth pop, I mean hell, some of AC/DC’s chord progressions find their way into some productions. Modern day producers that really get me going at least include Aeroplane, Oliver, Gigamesh, Perseus, Faze Action, Bottin, and Lindstrom just to name a very select few.


Q4: How do you define your music?

It’s house music that focuses on the funkier, bubblier side of things. I guess you could put the label on as Nu Disco. But we enjoy keeping our sets fresh, we throw in other aspects of  EDM here and there. That disco sound is what we love though, and more often than not is what you will catch from us.


Q5: What was it like performing at the Lift Festival in New Hampshire this past March?

I may be biased here since it was the first experience I’ve had playing a festival, but I thought it was incredible. The facilities were top notch, and the team behind LIFT really did a fantastic job at producing such an event. Next year will be just as great if not better. You just couldn’t have asked for better weather on Saturday either. Talk about a perfect day.


Q6: You recently performed with BCD at the Rock N’ Roll Resort.  How did it feel performing alongside such acts as Shpongle, OTT, Conspirator, Brother’s Past, and Dopapod?

Awesome. Plain and simple. You see those names on that bill, and you think to yourself, “Wow, hopefully I don’t make an ass of myself” But then you get the time to talk to them and you kind of forget that they are a pretty big deal within this electronic music scene we have. You end up forming some kind of friendship where you see them again and can chat again. I’m not saying I can go to my phone now and give Simon Posford a call, but still, pretty cool. 


Q7: If there was one artists you could collaborate with for a new project, who would it be and why?

I’d love to get in the studio with Oliver. Those guys are without a doubt my favorite producers right now. I’d love to see their work flow, and how they go about their music making. 


Q8: If there was one artist that had the biggest impact on your musical career, who would it be?

Wyllys aka Wade Ellis Wilby, without a doubt. He pretty much helped me catapult my career. I opened up for Future Rock in Fairfield CT I think it was last April. And he was on after me. After my set, he told me he loved my stuff and he was gonna get me onto a bill in New York City. Well literally, a month later I was playing at Sullivan Hall in NYC and supporting Wyllys and The New York Hustlers Ensemble, which includes Wyllys on the decks, Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman of Trey Band, and just a rotating cast of all star musicians ranging from members of Umphrey’s McGee to RAQ and everything else.


Q9: What are your future plans as your audience continues to grow throughout the electronic music scene?

Well, we are working in the studio right now, working on some fresh original productions. Besides that just expanding the name and the brand. Considering we started this in December officially we have a ways to go but we’re making good progress and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. 


Q10: How do you feel about the current electronic music scene?  

Haha, this question always comes up. It’s such a massive thing now I would almost say it’s outgrown the word “scene”. It’s a movement at this point. You can’t go anywhere without hearing it. I love it though. There is so much room for it to grow still and it will. 


Business Casual Disco will be performing at Gotham on East in New Haven, CT on Friday 4/6/12 at 9:00PM with special guests, Wyllys and Gigamesh.

We’d like to thank Cole for allowing us to interview him about his musical career and Business Casual Disco.  Check them out and like their page on Facebook.    http://www.facebook.com/BusinessCasualDisco


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